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Hello and welcome to Fast and Stress Free Traffic School. We have been providing users with a 100% online course for their tickets since 2006. At the moment, we currently offer a defensive driving Texas course as well as an online traffic school in CA.

We have purposely created our online traffic school to be as fast and easy as possible, as well as offering them at the lowest prices you'll find online. They are 100% state-approved in all the courts in Texas and California. These courses will help you dismiss a traffic ticket and lower your insurance premiums. Fast and Stress Free Traffic School has been in the game for awhile so you can count on us to provide you a great experience through the use of our website. We are consistently rated the best traffic school in all of California and Texas.

We've Created Our Courses To Be Fast and (Somewhat) Fun!

Getting a ticket is never a good feeling. Having that cop pull you over for something you feel that you don't deserve really isn't fair. California and Texas are known for their strict cops and we've all experienced it. To lighten the mood, we've made our online defensive driving and CA traffic school courses with some humor sprinkled in a long the way to lighten the mood.

Our traffic school class is a combination of words and videos to help you along the way. The videos are (somewhat) fun and enjoyable to watch and it sure beats reading the whole time. We understand that most people are visual learners and there's no better way to satisfy this need than by providing great videos for you.

We've also spent a significant amount of time to make the tests as fast and easy as possible while still being approved by the courts in California and Texas. When you've completed the tests, we'll send them out to you via the fastest delivery method possible. If you need your results tomorrow, we'll overnight them for you (additional costs are involved due to premium shipping costs... sorry). We want to be the best, low price traffic school the internet has to offer. Our defensive driving course online will help you get your ticket dismissed.

Lower Your Insurance Rates

Another benefit to using our fast, cheap and easy online traffic school course is that you'll be able to lower your insurance rates. We've made sure that our Texas defensive driving and California traffic school coures meet all the legal requirements when it comes to discounts for insurance and dismissing a ticket. Every county is California and Texas has approved our courses.

There's no need for you to leave the house and head to a class room. In this day and age with the internet being everywhere, you can get our of bed and hop into a chair in nothing but your undies and take our courses from the comfort of your bedroom (or bed if you choose to lay back with your laptop in your lap - our preferred choice). Lay back, grab a bagel and some orange juice, and follow along our courses. It's fast, it's cheap, it's easy. That's how we roll.

The First Price Is The Final Price - No Hidden Fees

The price you see for the course you select the the final price you get - we don't add any additional charges for our courses unlike our competitors. You can choose to print out your papers for free, or if your court requires us to send them to you, we will at no extra charge (unless you want FedEx overnight shipping which there is a small fee due to the expense). The videos and the audios that are provided in the courses are part of the one-time payment. Your identity that we request for verification has no additional fee as well.

We truly are the fastest, easiest, lowest price online traffic school. No one even comes close. You'll be 100% satisfied with your experience here and if for any reason you're not, please contact us and we will do what we can to give you the best experience possible. NO EXTRA CHARGES - period.

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"I actually enjoyed this course very much! This was my first time ever to receive a ticket (even though I didn't think it was deserving) and I decided not to fight it by appearing in court. So I randomly chose your course (good title). I have never completed an online traffic school course of anything either and found it really a fun way to study. And YES I did learn a few things. Thanks for making it enjoyable. Thanks again for making this as easy as possible for the student."
Cheryl M.    Santa Maria, Ca

"The service and user interface was absolutely amazing and I will recommend your company to everyone that I know! Thanks, LD"
Larry D.    Inglewood, Ca

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